Payment methods

The following payments methods are available:

Prepayment   Payment shall be made by transfer of the invoice amount to our account. As soon as the payment has been received, the order and a simultaneous confirmation with the parcel tracking number will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible.

The payment takes place by transfer of the invoice amount under indication of the order number in the intended purpose on the following account:

Karl-Heinz Hilmer
Account No. 21 371 430
Rheinhessen Sparkasse
BLZ 553 500 10

IBAN: DE88 5535 0010 0021 3714 30

Experience has shown that transfers are received after 1-3 days. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you a shipping confirmation by e-mail on the day the order is handed over to a shipping service provider, including the parcel tracking number.

Boulemaus PayPal Plus   To pay via PayPal at - "PayPal" can simply be selected as payment method in our order process. Afterwards the login with the appropriate e-mail address and the password into the personal PayPal account and the confirmation of the payment takes place by the customer. As a rule, we immediately receive the payment confirmation from PayPal and the order can be processed immediately.

Please note: Only after receipt of the PayPal payment confirmation we can also send the order! Depending on the payment method deposited in your personal PayPal account, it may take several working days for PayPal to confirm receipt of payment. If no payment is received within 9 days, the customer order will be automatically cancelled by PayPal.